Meet Shawn and Lucy Lu

I lived in the Hilltop neighborhood for 4 years. I lived mostly in my living room with my animals and would sit in my chair facing the door, so I could watch what was going on in the neighborhood. Sister Ann Catherine and a volunteer would deliver meals to my home because of my health issues. Eventually, my home became infested with bed bugs. 

I reached out to Dear Neighbor Ministries and they helped me move into a studio apartment in an assisted living center, since I couldn't go back to my house. Lucy Lu, my cat and I , are now adjusting to our new bug free home. I don't have to worry about much anymore. I get my medicine from the nurses' station, transportation is provided to the store and doctor's office and they do my laundry and a housekeeper even cleans my room once a week. 

I miss my friends in Hilltop, but I am in a better place because of the support of so many caring people.

Shawn B.