Hilltop Neighborhood Emergency Assistance

In 2014, Dear Neighbor Ministries initiated case management services providing short-term services to our neighbors in the Hilltop community. Short-term stabilization focuses on immediate housing-related needs. Flexible financial assistance is usually the most effective assistance for preventing and ending homelessness.

Case management services at Dear Neighbor Ministries provides short-term services to families in order to prevent housing instability. The process includes assessing plans, implementing, coordinating, monitoring, and evaluating the options and services required to meet the health and human service needs of our Hilltop neighbors.

Providing educational resources is also in important component of helping those living in Hilltop become more stable. Classes and workshops assist those living with low financial resources to learn to build resources for a better life by moving from thinking about making a change to creating a plan for reaching the goal of a stable, secure life.

Dear Neighbor Ministries believes that it is much more humane, and ultimately more fiscally prudent to invest in homelessness prevention and support that will lead to self-sufficiency and independence among our Hilltop neighbors.


Hilltop Neighborhood Outreach

Dear Neighbor Ministries plays a vital role in the Hilltop community, providing hospitality, guidance and a safe place for our neighbors to connect with one another. Located in southeast Wichita, Hilltop is a densely concentrated neighborhood with a unique and interesting history.

Today Hilltop continues to be the home of growing families, most of these struggling to make ends meet, while living in the same homes that were temporarily built in 1940. Hilltop (population 1,852) includes a mix of Caucasian, African American, Asian and Latino populations.

A partnership has been created with the Hilltop Neighborhood Development Association building trust in the neighborhood. Dear Neighbor Ministries works alongside neighbors planning events like a Cinco de Mayo celebration, Trunk or Treat, an Easter Egg Hunt and a neighborhood cleanup. 

Also having a bi-lingual (Spanish) Outreach Advocate on staff builds trust among our Latino neighbors.

Delivering meals from The Lord's Diner food truck to those who don't have transportation and scheduling home visits provides an important connection with our neighbors.

Dear Neighbor Ministries also initiates children's activities such as taking trips to museums and Exploration Place. A 4-H SPIN Club has been created at Dear Neighbor Ministries to bring together youth and adults with similar interests for a unique and fun "learn-by-doing" experience.